Hanging out at the 16th district in Vienna – City life with Fuji X-T1

While Wurstelstand in Vienna are world famous, I’ve lived in Austria long enough to blindsight them like Internet advertising. Gladly winter light not only wakens the senses. It makes mundane things become highlighted by a slice of itself across a subject which might well be boring at other times.

kase gruen markt
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Taking the U-Bahn to Ottrakring on a Saturday morning to venture a trip to an antique and oddities store, well more like a three warehouses side by side in a back yard of the Lorenz-Mandl Gasse. (Number 25 to be precise.) This was such a pleasure – a delight to find such a treasure not too far from the main centre of Vienna. The place is well laid out, with choice selected items on offer at surprisingly good prices. If you are on the lookout for a set of chairs with quirkiness and charm or a deluxe stated armchair this is definitely the to find that magical pieces. Either way it’s worth the ramble and stroll through the old Glass factory whether in search or just curious.


Several specialists offer, on 2000m2, bric-a-brac, antiques and cultural objects in their original state, from all conceivable epochs at the glass factory – herewith fulfilling every hearts desire. We buy and sell single pieces and whole collections, inheritances and original pieces dating from 1670 to 1970. You receive professional free of charge advice from us. – http://glasfabrik.at/  opening hours :  Tuesday to Friday 14.00 – 19.00, Saturday 10.00 – 14.00


Once culture enlightenment was achieved via old and classy furnishing, our feet and tummies were ready to tackle some lunch! One of those narrow long Viennese trams was located not too far from the Glassfabrik so we preceded to Yppenplatz.


When we arrived the place was bussing, could it be summer at this time of the year? really?  Folks, young families, the usuals and us had found this square surrounded and surrendered to it’s eateries abound. One of these place I could recommended and really we wish to keep secret about is Rasouli.  I ordered the Lamb with raisins, rice fresh coriander and lemon yohurt. Their menu tends to be a crossover of traditional and world food. As a certified self-confessed foodie I was impressive which isn’t an easy feat!


After a long lazy lunch, a walk through the various market stalls of the Grünen Markt. Cheese, fruit, vegatable even an African meat stall.




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