Glasenbachklamm, Salzburg in Winter Weather

Today (31/12/2011) I decided to fill up my faithful flask with some chai tea. Made with hot milk and honey the proper way. So the plan was to visit an gorge south of the city of Salzburg – the Glasenbachklamm. The weather was snowing so there was a light dusting when I started which later turn to quite a heavy snow fall.

Glasenbachklamm holds interesting geology and plenty of rock lines in the walls of gorge which are interesting to photograph (at a return visit). Also along the way there is a fossil trail. The great thing about this little canyon is how close it is from Salzburg center also accessible by bus route.

The first image was the “warm up”, for starters – I guess, but I kind of like for it’s simplicity.

Next photo opportunity was these small falls over snowy moss.

As the snow was now continuing to fall heavier and heavier, I put the big full frame Canon and tripod away. But after I had captured this image with the snow sitting on the crossed over branches. This was the one which spoken the most and needed to be captured, as there is always next time as I live not far away.  This image is also available for print by clicking here.

The gorge wall image below was taken with my Olympus XZ-1 , you’ll be able to the see the snow falling on the image.

All in all a good day out, place to photograph if you are in Salzburg.  Another visit will be on the cards once the weather settles.


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