Giorgia and I photograph

October and September are the months of Autumn and the months of my two daughters births. So it is a rather special time of year. The seasons change and there is the reminder of my two precious daughters ever closeness to womanhood. The dreaded word Teanager. I prefer ‘Teens’ never an easy time for any generation.

Giorgia Photographs

Giorgia Photographs

Giorgia my second eldest has shown interest in photography. I know the rest of my children are fed up of me taking their picture. But hey that’s what fathers and mothers do. My father does the same to me even now, so there is no escape either way.

So here are the images from the photo shoot together.

The joy of sharing some of my knowledge of photography to others is something that gives sense of happiness even excitement. An excitement to see someone pick up a new idea and glean that extra strap of information to get to where they are going. This of course can be said to other areas in life not just photograph. I would wish our companies, politicians and government could grasp this. I’m pretty sure it would make for a better world.

Postprocessing Tools

I used free Analog Efex tool which are still available for download from Google (at time of writing this post). The newer version you must pay for from DXO. However this version is free!

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