Fujifilm X100 late night photographing in Ouro Preto – Minas Gerais, Brazil

On my Brazilian trip to Minas Gerais, I was offered to visit the colonial towns of Ouro Preto and Marianna. The beautiful old buildings remain as they were during the gold rush. Nothing has changed much. Once the gold ran out  the towns were forgotten about and Belo Horizonte become the capital. More info

The only camera I used in Brazil was my black special edition Fujifilm X100 which proved to operate in nearly even situation. This time around, I decided to set the camera to ISO 3200 and use ƒ2.8-f/2. Here are the results of my night street photography in the Ouro Preto. I hope you enjoy them, please do let others know and share it on Facebook & Twitter too.

Ouro Preto
Another street
Selling wares I guess

They are playing chess in this picture over a rubbish bin on the left.

Street life
Street light

This is one thing I’ll miss until the summer here in Salzburg, that is eating outside.

Eating outside

It’s amazing how late at night how the street lighting can set the scene.

Door and Windows


Cobble Streets

Easy to capture the moments even with such poor light.

A quite moment

Wonderful eateries are to be found in Ouro Preto especially this one and the pizzeria above it too.

Waiting for a date

This shot taken in the rain late at night.

During the Rain – Ouro Preto

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