Fujifilm X100 in Brazil under low light indoors at the Mercado Central de Belo Horizonte

The Fujifilm X100 is a discret little camera which won’t offend anyone if you point at them unlike a large DSLR camera with a big lens. No one seemed to notice or be bothered by the little camera in my hands. This makes it so easy to get close and not upset the scene too much.


Central Market from Above
Poor Piglets

In difficult lighting conditions the X100 functions extremely well to capture.

Pots and Pans
Lady buys meat

Certainly easy to make snaps quickly once the camera was powered up and operating. I usually checked first before proceed to the subject. This is something you need to live with the X100 as it is slow to power up. Usually a check by looking at the viewfinder for light from above while the camera is handled at waist level.

Salted Cod

Shopping and photographing is very possible with the Fuji camera  as it is small and easy to handle. As I shopped with my guide and friend as I was gathering ingredients for dinner that evening. Needing various items such as fresh chilli and vegetables.  While I did set the camera at an ISO of 800 which in hindsight  1600 ISO would have probably of been better. I was too cautious. I guess not believing excellent quality of an image achieved by the  low light nature of the X100’s sensors. Later on during my trip to Brazil shooting at ISO 3200 became quite normal for me. It is very usable indeed even with very little light especially the bright lens at ƒ/2.

Shopping for vegetables for dinner
Water Melons
Shopping at Central Market
A lunchtime beer at Central Market
Central Market

Using the macro function on the camera it proves very useful for making images of food. This was lunch at the central market – Beef liver which is traditional here.

Lunch – Beef liver


Central Market

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