The Big Trip

So excited for two reasons; coming up next week a trip to the Dolomites for landscape photography. The second reason the Fujifilm GFX kit I’m taking with me. I’ll be putting it through its paces. We’ll see how  the ultimate medium format beast behaves and performs – oh ye!

I will be joining  Andreas Resch also a landscape photographer. It should be a fun trip. The duration of the trip is about a week.

I will be using the Fujifilm GFX and the 32-64mm  ƒ/4 lens. So expect a review and images from this mammoth zoom lens.

Warm Up Landscape Images

When photographing like most things you should warm up first. To get the mind and body ready for the main event ahead of you on the trail. The warm up images are essential to achieve the photography mindset and the vision.

Below are some images, a kind of a warm up for the main event over the last few months from Ireland and Austria.

Innisowen, Donegal, Ireland
Autumn Leaves in the Wörschachklamm
Autumn Leaves in the Wörschachklamm – Fujifilm GFX 50s Post Processed in ON1
Morning Light, Wörschachklamm – Fujifilm GFX 50s Post Processing ON1

My landscape cameras

The first camera which managed to capture what I wanted in terms of the final image was the Canon 5D. I had bought it secondhand on eBay at the time for 1250 Euros. Then I realise full frame at the time was the ticket for producing dramatic landscape images.

After that camera I upgrade to the MkII, then the Sony A7R.  For me and it’s my opinion here, the Sony is a consumer product not a camera. It’s just electronics, good electronics albeit. But it not a tool I like personally to use for landscape. The resolution is awesome although. (I know the Sony A9 fixes a lot of these concerns but it’s too late).

However when I buy the first Fujifilm X100 I was impressed. The X100 travel to India and Brazil with me. Later I had the Fujifilm XT-1 then the XT-2. Now I have rid myself of the Sony and the Canon gear just to purge and make space in my camera press.

So right now I’m with the Fujifilm GFX another leap from full frame 35mm to medium format.


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