Engenlochschlucht, Vorarlberg – How to photograph in the rain ?

The forecast was bleak for the next couple of days. I was optimistic for some overcast days well least when the rain would ease off. How do you prepare in the event of your photo trip being a total wash out ? In the event after driving for 3 to 4 hours in awful weather with no hope of some kind of improvement – I’m going to be quite pissed off!  Of course I was looking for grey and gloomy weather to photograph gorges but without so much rain. What to do ?

Nonetheless I had a plan, chop, hack the handle off an umbrella might seem a bit crazy. But combined with a portable light stand I think it just might work. This DIY solution proved very successful using a very large umbrella I was able to work with filters and changing lens without the worry of rain drops falling where they shouldn’t. The light stand is a Luma Pro brand which can extend to close to 2 metres so no problem with clearance. When the stand is folded up its only a mere 40 or so centimetres.

Below are the images of the setup and the final result!

Engenlochschlucht VorarlbergEngenlochschlucht Vorarlberg



Engenlochschlucht Vorarlberg


Argenschlucht working with filter in the pouring rain!


Argenschlucht Vorarlberg – My camera is dry even those I’m getting wet!
Engenlochschlucht Vorarlberg


The end result ….

Now downstream in the Engenlochschlucht


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