Don’t be afraid! to push film – Ilford Pan F+ Push 800

Yikes on a bike! pushing PAN F+ up the exposure hill to 800 ASA. That’s insane 4 stops of light size goodness, going from it’s box speed of 50 ASA, to 100, to 200, to 400, to 800. Does it work ? Let’s find out.

Graz - Yashica Mat 124, Ilford Pan F+ pushed 800
Graz – Yashica Mat 124, Ilford Pan F+ pushed 800


In this video, learn how to push Ilford PanF+ 50 to 800 ASA. I show my workflow in SliverFast and Photoshop. See the final results of my Ilford PanF plus images in black and white. Don’t be afraid to push film!

Cameras used in this video

Yashica Mat 124 and Ilford PanF+ 50 120
SJCAM 4000+ Action Cam
Rode NT1USB Mic


Recipe wise it’s not too difficult at all, in fact its straight forward. Hence don’t be afraid! Just extend the time. I decided to develop with Ilford DDX as Rodinal would result in far too much grain.

The film was pre-soaked for 3 minutes. Then drain of all the inky liquid. The developer mix ratio was 1:4. The development time of 18mins, first 30 seconds of gentle agitation then every 10 seconds every 1 minutes. As usual I used my trusty faithful Spinamatic device.

After development, rinse with water. Then fixer for 4 minutes. Rinse and wash with water for 5 minutes.

Use Agfa Apepon wetting agent for 1 minute. Hang to dry.

Pushing Film Development Times for DDX

These are not precise but enough to find your way and get good results. They are based on the Massive Development Chart

50 ASA 5 minutes
100 ASA 9 minutes
200 ASA 12 minutes
400 ASA 15 minutes
800 ASA 18 minutes




Thank you for the info how you took these beautiful results
I’m using d-76, HC-110 and Rodinal for my developing
in the massive chart there are receipts only for @100
looking for some info for pushing with these developers please

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