Day 5 – Back to the Wilderness on the Ardmeanach Peninsula

The weather was just right for the purpose of photographing, however the tide wasn’t. In fact I’d have to hang around 2 – 3 hours before it would go out. If I wanted to enter McKinnon’s giant cave.  So I decided after making some artwork out of an old welly and some thistles maybe another mammoth walk to the Wilderness at the far end of the Ardmeadnach peninsula might be an option. Here’s my display! Let the journey begin, images taken with the wee iPhone 4.  The real artwork will be part of the Mull portfolio in the coming weeks.

It was time to walk for quite awhile with little visibility not recommended if you don’t know the way. As you can see I arrived at the sea stack.

Far down below is where I lose my lens cap on the grassy ledge, (look closely you can see it). Anyway it no worth risking my life and mountain rescue over a piece of plastic.

There not sweets, these are some of wonderful colored rocks to be found, green and pink!

The first sea arch of the Wilderness.

Late on near the end, is the double arch hidden away.

A strange structure and interesting to photograph up close. In the picture there’s a rusty ball on the bottom right. This ball is about a metre wide, I had fun trying to roll it down the rocks, when it moved the crashing sound was incredible, ah yes the child within!

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