Day 4 – Isle of Ulva, Basalt columns and fish pie of course!

The Isle of Ulva is a short trip by ferry from Mull. (I think I must have been the only the visitor on the Island at that time in the morning.) The Boathouse  restaurant in the summer season offers some of the best local cuisine, unfortunately it wasn’t open just yet as it’s March. I had to make do with my flask of coffee, sandwiches and a double decker.

So while I was photographing the basalt columns on Ulva, I decided to make a image of the seaweed. In fact in the 1800’s Ulva was famous for it’s kelp production for a couple of years. Anyway that’s another story. Ulva has long history too and was the home to the explorer Dr. Livingstone. So I felt quite honored to be exploring in his back garden.

These are some of the tall long basalt columns  of Ulva, impressive huh ? Just wait till you see them in B&W.

Once I had finished up, the ferryman brought me back to the other side. As the song says I believe, I pay him the five pounds. So it was time for lunch in Tobermoby back on Mull at the top of the Island. I wanted to try the Fish Pie at the Fish Cafe. Oh yes it was good, full of fresh shellfish and big lumps of Salmon.

After devouring the pie it was time  for a sunset shot without the sun as it’s was overcast but that’s my favourite kind of light anyhow! At Calgary Bay with that white sands, black rock and turquoise water it was a must to end a great day this way.

Day 5 I return to the Wilderness again!

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