Day 2 : North Devon – Black Church Rock

Parking the car close to Brownsham’s Farm in the National Trust Car park, started the coastal walk to Clovelly but first Black Church Rock which is on the way …

As the tide was out but making it’s way back in. It would make accessing the arch later in day impossible however the clouds and soft light of the afternoon made it possible to photograph and enjoy it’s beauty. In fact you can see the tide line on the arch itself. After lunch I explored around the place for more arches, you can see below my discoveries.

I’m happy that I managed to take way two images for my project.


See the hole in the wall, this is another arch

A close up of the hole, there is light inside but where is it coming from. Let’s look around the side

A hole in the roof of the small sea cave making it an arch, I guess.

Last image, on my return later in the day shows just how quick the tide retreats back in! I was sitting out there eating my sandwiches and drinking from flask just a few hours ago.

Map you’ll need for this area can be purchased on