Day 2 Morning – Hartland Quay and Speke’s Mill

Gone are the rains and the high winds, lots of sunshine and big white clouds floating about. In terms of light it was ideal as the sun would hide behind a cloud or two, which often gives you more options for image making.

First visit was to Hartland Quay …

See all those lines on the cliff face compressed and pushed  upwards the result of time and pressure. (in the above image)

Sitting on the green grass as the sun got warmer and it was time to relax while enjoying the scenery. Photographing will need to wait, well serious landscape photography requires the light to be softer, i.e before and after the sun rises or sets.

However I manage make some that serious stuff – ie B&W photographing as the clouds enclosed the sun, which evened out the light in Speke’s Mill Waterfall about 10 mins walk from the Quay.

Click the image above to purchase a print.

The image above is, as the tide uncovered the structure of linear rocks, a typical formation from this area. Wonderful huh?

Just remember the cliff are unprotected around here!

So a walk back to the car and it’s off to Clovelly….

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