Day 1 – Arrival on Mull, Scotland

Finally the adventure begins, wow I really had my doubts it would, in fact I envisaged being stuck in Edinburgh for the week which isn’t bad but my plan is to finish this photo project of Mull .

To explain, the trip first of all took a detour the evening before with the rental car not being available. Managing to sort everything out the next morning. So hence an image from the train station in Stirling which I had to stop through on my way back to the Airport – it’s along story which I’ll spare you!

Anyway I’m glad to say I’m on the road and on the Island, of Mull in Scotland and very thankful to Jon at Hill View Cottage in Stirling for the lift to train station.

Now with a rental car the next requirement was hunger taking hold of me,  knowing somewhere out there on my marvel drive to through glens and lochs there was an eatery in waiting.  And yes, previous to the fork in the road leading to Fort William and to Oban lies a splendid Fish’n’Chip shop.  A modern cafe where the fish is so fresh and chips of course chunky. (I do hope on my way back to return to try their pies!).  I’ll make no apogees for being a foodie!

Just before boarding the 45 minute trip on the ferry from Oban to Mull. It’s essential to try the local seafood on the quays. I picked up some cooked spiced salmon which was absolutely delicious.  Well recommended at two pounds for a little tub. I leave a picture of the menu to attempt and tease – definitely crab claws, when I go back to the mainland next Saturday!

Once on the CalMac black, white and red ship it was time to go on deck to enjoy the magnificent views to be seen, especially the lighthouse.

I’ll do my best to blog each day on this trip, well actually I’ve no excuse having wireless access at the B&B. However I do need good nights kip, so see you tomorrow.

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