Dawn on the Giglachsee, Austria

From last July 2009, finish off April 2010

The previous day I scouted out the location for the photograph. Rising early in the morning just after first light, being careful not to disturb those who were sleeping in the Apline lodge. Lifting the tripod and rucksack up to set off onto the small hill which looks over the lakes that are trapped and surrounded my mountains belonging to the Tauern range. The wind was beginning to crept in and wake the stillness of the water below. The misty clouds were gathering for their retreat, unveiling the mountains in the background. The breeze moved the young pine brushes before me.

Image taken on July 15th 2009.


This is an amazing capture. I am trying to put in to proper words all of the great things I see about this composition. I guess ill just mention the obvious amazing things I see. I love the layers working throughout the image. The clouds then the middle ground with the lake and homes, and then the foreground with its flowing blurry pine bushes. Lots of great elements of light and dark to let your eye wander over. The contrast of the clouds against the darkness of the lake. The busy textures and smooth wisps. Upon taking it all in, it almost looks like a minature captured with a Tilt-Shift lens, only then do you realize the well planned Depth of Field. Really really beautiful.

I'm most grateful such a wonderful descriptive comment, I always enjoy reading what folks see in the image. I do hope to get back up there again this year to make some more photographs.


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