Darkroom Printing – Buying Old Papers ? – Argenta Paper

From time to time a job lot of papers appears online. The question is, it is worth it? Buying old papers of the Internet. Maybe from  eBay classifieds or a similar site. Each country has its own website for classifieds. This is probably the first and best place to look and find ancient darkroom papers.

However this time around I bought a box of Argenta papers. In the video I test out the papers in the darkroom with traditional black and white process and also the Lith process. I talk about the history of the paper and there’s even some self made Zither music to go along with things.

As you know I’ve quite a bit on the Lith Process and cover the process with many videos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45Ycl57Nk7c&list=PLJF8ZxdlGPT6-ydsG5PaKvDkVhduOCl6k


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