Dachstein Drama

I finally managed to crawl out of the office, late in the afternoon to realise it mightn’t be to late to make pictures. The sky and clouds were performing today, and what a show was on display. Driving  across the Ramsau am Dachstein plateau, I picked up Heinz Bertl a fellow landscape photographer along the way. We headed for the Dachstein glacier station as the clouds were sweeping and whisking up such a delight.

I made some Infra-red images with the converted Canon DSLR camera, a.k.a ‘The Drama Queen’.  Today she certainly lived up to her name along with a little work back at based, I produce these 3 photographs from below the Dachstein.

The moments with the clouds moving changed mighty fast within 10 to 20 seconds, so it was quick work composing and triggering at just the right time. The light disappear after 20mins and that was it, end of story.

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