Cyanotype on the Weekend

Having fun on the weekend with Cyanotype is what it’s all about. Cyanotype is easy and quick to setup. It was a sunny day in the Steiermark, Austria, a perfect day to make contact prints. Just coming back from my workshop in Slovenia with Borut Peterlin on Wet Plate Collodion, I just had to make something from my glass negative plates.  I was just to excited as I wait for my chemicals to be delivered for making Salt Paper prints with silver.


Two photogram made with Cyanotype

I felt like trying something different after making the glass negative contact print.  So what better way to do this then to use what’s surrounds you. I was in the garden. Full of flowers of all varieties and there was also the wonderful selection of herbs growing in the corner garden too.



The Largest Print in the World!

The Largest Contact Print in world made with Cyanotype by the photographer Branco Ottico

How about Cyanotype on Glass


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