Country Compositions – Art in every day things

How things are ordered, how a brush is set among an already composed scene can lead to interest, in a photograph. Where objects, lines and shapes play to each other, whether they are used together or their the opposite to one another. In a moment, in the corner of the eye is how they are found waiting to be collected by the camera, without know to themselves or their owner how the symmetry of every things can be art!

The small series was collected over a few months with the Leica M8 with Zeiss ZM 35mm f/2 lens.

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I love these. I can see how the M8 works wonderfully for this kind of work.

The images are so restful, hinting at people at peace – just put the tools down briefly and wandered off.

The “You will be served. No self-service” sign brought a smile to my face. The photograph invites deeper exploration and rewards it.


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