When planning a trip, certain pieces of equipment just make life easier and safer. In the realms of nature and landscape photographer a torch becomes an essential item. Us landscape photographers arrive before sunrise or leave after sunset.

Often the walk back to the car or the accommodation may take awhile or so, so a torch is essential item. However one up or one better than the bog standard hand held torch are headlamps. Apart from being practical for all sorts of adventures such as night skiing, ski mountaineering, exploring a cave along the way. There is one extremely useful advantage of a light source stuck to you head, and that is ? When trying to focus a lens manually with Live View on the back camera. Now with the headlamp you just tilt your head and point the beam of light to the right part of the scene you want to focus on. It just makes working in low light situations so much easier. Plus you don’t need to worry about rushing back better it gets dark.

Choosing the right head lamp is the key to success.

You want a balance between powerful and yet light weight.

An excellent lamp which I use and can recommend is the Black Diamond Icon, solid robust and power enough for most photographer’s needs.

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More Info from Black Diamond Site :

December 23, 2010

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