Filters for film Ilford FP4Plus Olympus OM1 - Feb 2020 Graz Red grad #8

Olympus OM1 and Ilford FP4+ | Color Filters in Black and White Photography

Olympus XA and Ilford Pan 100 film

Olympus XA with ILFORD PAN 100 – January 2020

Street Discrete on the streets of Graz

Market at Catania, Sicily

Sicilian Street Life

Jade Black Pool Lake, Lijiang - Fuji XE-3 with 16mm ƒ/1.4

The China Itinerary for 3 weeks

My Waste Free Adventure!

Belgrade and Novi Sad, Serbia with Olympus OM1 Film Camera

Gerald does Selfie on Annenstrasse

The Medium Format Selfie Stick with the Agfa Clack

Agfa Clack

I got the Clack for 7 Euros! The Agfa Clack Double Exposures

Back on the street with the Voigtlander

Procida procession

Easter Procession on Procida, Italy with the Voitglander Bessa

Medina in Marrakech, Morocco streets of wonder