UV LED Box - Book day Hauptplaz, Graz

Build UV LED Box for Cyanotypes

Olympus XA with ILFORD PAN 100 - Graz, Spurgasse - Public Hit Factory

Olympus XA with ILFORD PAN 100 – January 2020

Thoughts for 2020

Frauenalpe, Austria - Pinhole with Kosmos Foto Mono developed with Rodinal

B&W Pinhole Photography with Kosmo Mono


Developing Film – Fujifilm Arcos Neopan with Rodinal

Cyanotypes made with UV from a Nail Dryer

 Creating Cyanotypes with UV Light

World Cyanotype Day 2019

Styrian Panther looking left.

Swiss Chard Anthotype

Parasols Anhtotype

Mushroom Powder & Anthotype

Jake on a leaf - Anthotype

Chlorophyll process – Jake on a leaf

Unknown Milkcap Anthotype preparation

Brown Roll-Rim and Bay Bolete – Mushroom Anthotype

Making the Mushroom Anthotype Part III