Brunello and the Fortress at Montalcino, Tuscany

We arrived back from our family trip to Tuscany in the early hours of the morning over the Katschberg pass and down through Obertauern to avoid the 1 hour wait before the tunnel under the mountain. (It was 1am when finally we got back)

But back to the story, It was my wife who suggested to visit Montalcino while we were roving around the Tuscan hills. The town of Montalcino features a fortress with accessible ramparts with incredible views across the landscape. This sounded great and I was well up for it, and knew the kids especially the boys would enjoy the castle. The usual questions of knights and princesses came up, whether they still lived there or not. Well that was all much too long ago, as we tried to explain best as parents can.

One thing I enjoyed was the wine, Montalcino is where Brunello is produced one of the best Tuscan wines. Everyone knows Chianti and may also know of Brunello too. The Fortress has an impressive wine shop from good local wines and to some serious vintages. You could certainly depart with quite a sum of money there. I looked around enjoying the display of various well stocked shelves.  The friendly staff offered to help if you needed to ask any questions.  As I only drink the stuff and not study it so much, I mean, for me a good year is when I have drank good wine with good friends – so I asked for some assistance.

I decided two was the number, I needed, two very fine Brunello’s – Castello Banfi-Poggio alle Mura-2004 and Frani  2005 (Just in case you needed the names, I’m sure they’re drinkable)

The images were taken with a modified camera for Infrared.

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