Back to the Isle of Mull, Sea Arches

So I’ve being eating junk food for the last few days. Well not essentially ‘junk’ Chinese and stir-fried, actually good and apparently healthy. Ah, but fish’n’chips is calling me along with some coastal scenery to photograph.

Friends of mine, had mention a flight from Salzburg to Edinburgh to cater the ski season here in Austria. Last time when I was on Mull, this January I hadn’t got a chance to capture all the places on my list.

So this time around on the Isle of Mull, I hope to hike along in the right direction, I’ll explain. On my previous adventure I went from Carsaig to Loch Buie  expecting to see the sea arches. However I never made it as I was going complete in the opposite way!  Now that I am wiser (and may have learned something?) the sea arches are back on in this trip. Also a visit to Ulva and of course ‘The Wilderness’ which is marked on the map below as ‘Gribun’ below.  You’ll notice a lot of interesting geology come together on this side of the peninsula.

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