Austrian Gorge : Wolfsklamm, Tirol

Yet again, I’m back on the trail covering the canyon through out Austria. Arriving at a town called Vomp in Tirol just off the motorway, from here it’s about 5 mins up to the car park where my journey will begins. I prepared and packed up for a hike on the forest road to the St. Georgenberg monastery. An uphill walk which takes about 45mins before arriving to the river bridge. From here the path splits to the right through the woodlands to access the start of the gorge. I wasn’t too sure what to expect which is often the case ( and the excitement) when visiting a new ‘Klamm’.

Once I walked down the small wooden stairs I had to hunch over to walk through the hole within the giant boulder. The opening that leads you back in time where very little has changed since 1901 when the Wolfsklamm saw it’s first official tourists. By 1936 a complete system of wooden walkways and bridges were installed, however by 1950 the pathways had fallen apart. It wasn’t till 1957 that the local authorities rebuilt the attraction. It takes a good hour to walk through this truly amazing marvel, complete with cascading waterfalls, coves and waterholes. Definitely one of the top ten canyons in Austria.

The day I had picked to visited the Wolf canyon was overcast and ready to rain, the perfect weather to capture the details of rock and water. Then added to this, new leaves had arrived on the beach trees, along with the drizzle,  a dream like state in waiting for photography.

More Fine Art images from the Wolfsklamm can be viewed or purchased here

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