Ash Wednesday, Dublin

With a week in Dublin to spend, and it goes mighty quick between meeting up with family and friend. Yesterday being Ash Wednesday the first day of lent, a tradition for Catholics to go to mass and get marked. The ash is rubbed in the sign of the cross, the ash symbolises our own morality. It’s interesting enough, that it still plays a part in so many lives, even with what the bishops have now got to answer for. (Listening to the radio this morning, one guy is give up ‘white bread’ which included his favourite, a pizza slice in a slice of white bread with mayonnaise – what a cultured individual!)

Much has changed here with traditions just about hanging on, the influx of cultures and how it has had too adjust itself to new attitudes and demands. While finally the city has now achieved a rent-a-bike scheme, which is all about time and very welcomed. Provided you supply a credit card as deposit, then you are free to de-attach and mount on a day trip around the town. A pleasant way to travel, if the weather holds of course.

The transport system is one of though things that definite lacks the full feature set of most European cities. Well, nonetheless another DART station splits the track. This where I hopped up to grab a few images, Grand Canal Dock and close by a finely designed theatre to boot, at least from the outside.

It appears recession is still appeals to ones hunger for dining, as you can see fine french food is for ‘feck all’ according to one location. Quite amusing way of putting it. I figured a few months or so, recession buster placards will soon disappear. So I say snap ’em up, the offers and the pictures.

Unfortunately the battery charger has packed up on the Leica, and I was so enjoying another day with this camera. But with a dead battery it’s not going to happen, reluctant as I am to carry around the mammoth Canon, it’s a necessity worth baring. Enjoy the images, feel free or ‘fire way’ to re-tweet and comment. Now to get breakfast.

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