Arduino and Photography

It’s time to make stuff with electronics – uau ye! I have this urge to do something interest and useful with my knowledge of both electronics and photography. Arduinos (and ESP8266 too) are these amazing little device which a ten year old can easily grasp. So it shouldn’t be too hard for the likes of me than.

Here are some of the project which are interesting in regards to photography

Building a electronic flash for a Polaroid Land Camera

Yep, scary picture of the author with a working Polaroid camera for the Ball!

Late night events and parties are always fun with the Land Camera. Everyone gets involved and excited to see how this old beast of a Polaroid works.

I love this camera for bring people together. It’s always a talking piece.  However these days I’m running out of flash bulb! It uses these one and only shot magnesium bulbs. So you always need to be armed with at these ten of them.  This weekend I ran out and couldn’t shot anymore which was a real shame!

This where a electronic projects into their own.   First up is how to build a mount for a flash unit.
=> Flash Mount for Polaroid

However what’s more important is the timing. Which is what this other article elaborates on. I would though change the controller for one of the Digisparks to make life easier.
=>Electronic flash for a Polaroid Land Camera


Light Meter Using Arduino

This project I came across inspires me  with many ideas. To make a kind of EXIF generator for analog and wooden cameras. Actually more of a notebook logger. My idea would be a  light meter with manual overrides, GPS and RFID inside. Well that’s the concept, I’ll let you know how I get on maybe in an up coming post….
=> light meter


Darkroom Projects

3D Printer

Just in case you need to make an enclosure, I guess a 3D printer would be in order than – is quite a good one.

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