A Trip in Salzburg – Museum der Moderne, Christkindl Market

A trip to Salzburg to take a break from the routine.  An interesting church of the many, that stand in Salzburg stood above. So  I wandered up the broken railed path, till the top, plenty of leafless trees. One in particular seemed to match and was positioned well to make the photograph.

Salzburg 1

Walking further on, with the town below. I found myself at the Museum der Moderne (modern art gallery) which sits above  Salzburg. I was glad to find it, even if it was unintentionally.  Four main Exhibitions were on display, German expressionist Kirchner – brilliant colored alpine scenes and many other things to enjoy. Kirchner photography too, but it is his paintings to see. Werner Schnelle contact prints were the highlight for me as photographer for the inspiration they gave.  Much more to see there, well worth the trip just for this. A good show at the Museum der Moderne, could of spent the entire day in solitude with these images.

Salzburg 2

The view from up there

Salzburg 4

Back down to the river, for a long exposure, balancing the camera on my woolly hat on the bridge to make a 15 secound  length capture, for the main image above in this blog post.

Onwards to  the ChristKindl Market the first one at the Sternbau.

Salzburg 6

Salzburg 7

Follow on from here, to the main Christkindl market, the smell of Cinnamon and mulled wine everywhere…

A image of a Cinnamon Stars

Salzburg 8

Wood carved stars..

Salzburg 9

Handmade ceramics

Salzburg 10

Illuminated things…

Salzburg 11

Glühwein – Mulled wine station, time to refill to beat the cold…

Salzburg 12

Board games

Salzburg 13

Colorful things

Salzburg 14

Plenty to eat

Salzburg 15

Eggshells, Eggboxes and Christmas balls

Salzburg 16

Salzburg 17

and of course biscuits/cookies …

Salzburg 18

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