A Salzburg bike ride in B&W with my Fuji X100

There is still life in my old Fuji X100 camera with 23mm lens – 35mm equivalent. This is the version without the S but to it’s credit its the black special edition. Often I thought I’d sell this little camera with its pretty presentation case but it’s proves to be usefully on many occasion. I especially like it when you can easily add it to your work bag or backpack when you won’t wish to bring a suite of lens or a large body camera.

Of course one could argue that a point and shot with one of those newly 1″ sensors would be more than adequate too. However I’m still holding my breath on the 1″ sensors. Yes, I know the results are good but somehow I have find a fixed lens and plenty of aperture to hand is more appealing to me for creativity. The joy of the restriction of fixed lens makes you work for the picture! Plus the X100 camera doesn’t feels like a toy in your hand. Personally I find electronic zooms awful idea even though it’s practical. I much prefer as much hands on as possible. Probably this is why I very much enjoy the Fuji range of cameras.

So without further adieu, my bike trip to work…. Firstly the Glan canal. The two shot following are from the bridge back and forth.


Salzburg Glanziele (The Glan canal Salzburg)


Salzburg Glanziele (The Glan canal Salzburg)

So I had stopped right on the canal bridge and made this little macro below with the icicles on the barbed wire.


Icicles on the barbed wire. 

On the canal bridge were the gates and pulleys to open and close water in the bridge hole. These clog wheels made for an interesting subject.




Glanbach Towers


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