A Farm and Rangefinder in Unteral

A busy weekend, fixing up and cleaning up, pulling the blog apart and re-designing it. I was offered to go ski this morning, but favoured photography due to the low clouds, mist and all the variable stuff that goes into making a good landscape scene. Packed up the sack with the Canon 5D, everything in check. Figured as the top part of the rucksack was empty, the Leica would fit nicely in, It did.  My daughter Gloria tracked along aged 7, with the G10.

Untertal about 10km for where I live, has plenty of wintry scenes to capture, which I did for about an hour and a half. Also made a mental note, that it would make a excellent location for a winter photography course. There is plenty to picture, a selection of good eateries near by which is essential for body and mind at least. One thing, I noticed was how easy the Leica was to move about with. But I was here for serious landscape, tripod, remote release and a set of Lees (Grad Filters) – it doesn’t get more serious than this.

When I got back to based, I looked at the shoots, comparing the 5D with the Leica, interesting, conclusion the M8 is a very good camera well up there with any high DSLR.  But both have their uses though.  Nonetheless it was the shoots I took on my return to the car that grabbed me not the landscape images.

So that’s the story, you just never know what you are going to come home with.

Images taken with the Leica M8 + Zeiss 35MM f/2

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