Broken pin on my Canon 5D MkII – Is this the end of my photography ?

I’ve being have some issues with my main camera the Canon 5D MKII which I use for most of my photography. I could see the pin was missing causing the camera not to read the memory card. Normally I send the camera off for repair but I don’t have the money to spend on the repair or a new one at the moment or for the near future. It’s about 700 to 1000 Euros to replace the main board the memory connector is on.


Open the camera took out the main board to inspect it.


Found the pin inside the camera and straighten it




Manage to fit it back in.


Tried to solder it but it’s too tiny for me.


It’s now reading the card and able to take images 50% of the time. Meaning the pin is not making a good connection. I can’t solder at this level I don’t have the equipment. So it’s either new camera or find someone who can fix or solder at this scale.

After  33,879 shutter actuations with camera (Shutter Count).


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You can’t scare a person with a question like that! You’ll find someone to solder it for way less than 700 euros and all will be well. :]

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