#102 Film per day – Impfen oder testen, Graz Messe

Impfen oder testen, Graz Messe

🗓️ Taken on April 4th, 2021
📷 Autoboy Canon AF35M
🎞️ Ilford FP4+ 100ASA Roll 13
🧪 Spur N Acurol 1:100 24˚C

If you need a haircut you a need test. People queue for their test which is then sent via SMS. An Internet link with a certificate which you present to your hair stylist at the saloon. The whole affair took about 10 minutes. It was quick and efficient.

For me the masks, the tests and the vaccines are no big deal. Of course things could have well been rolled out faster. For all the conspiracies and crazy stories they are mostly nonsense. The real concern that now stands clear is how our governments have let us down. My faith in government and the European union is at an all time low. Unfortunately we now live in political farce that is more concerned about economics than people. Sure the COVID event will past but will we learn anything from it ?

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