#049 Film per day – Glasshouse windows, Puntigam

Glasshouse windows, Puntigam

🗓️ Taken on Feb 4th 2021
📷 Bronica ETRSi
🎞️ Ilford FP4+ 120 Roll 5
🧪 Rodinal 1:50 22˚C

I’m added some words in the form of poetry, to this image below.


Stabbing into the dark and trying to pinch what is real.
Do you even hear the bang ?
Or was it just a created sound ?
Would you think if you could ?
Or maybe excuse it for the howling of some wind,
Like painting in the cracks with a brush of doubt,

I’m sure your journey is planned,
But not in the future of your soft hands.
A dark rebellion down into twisted sands,
Playing deep within those mind’s mind
It can’t help it, It can’t see, into the depth of humanity,
The blindness of flight, the blindness to do what’s right,

Remember destiny is before the arrival to the final place

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