#046 Film per day – Paddle boarding on the Mur

Paddle boarding on the Mur

This was a spur of the moment shot. I saw the image I wished to capture in my mind as I cycling at pace to reach the bridge. The group of paddle boarders were moving swiftly to go under the newly built cycling bridge over the river Mur. Noticing  four to five people talking just before the bridge, I wonder would I make it on time to reach over. To reach over and take the shot. I managed to cycle around the gathering and across to the mid point of the bridge safely with haste. Within moments of getting into position the paddle boarders were in view beneath me. They notice me above them with my 80s film camera hanging over the side. They seemed happy if not glad to be captured at that moment. The water appeared dark on the black and white image as I had imagined. It was somehow fun to get there right on time, it seemed meant to be.

🗓️ Taken on Feb 6th
📷 Canon AF35M
🎞️ Ilford FP4+ 80ASA Roll 6
🧪 Spur N Acurol 1:100 24˚C

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