#000 Film per day – Project for 2021

A project for 2021, with only a couple days left of 2020. I was thinking, How about 365 project based on film ?  To complete such projects it needs to be realistic in terms of goals and restrictions. (Not that word restrictions its so 2020!)

Why ? Why do such a project. I suppose I’ve reviewed cameras or at least used them to make images. I’ve said in my previous videos and posts that I’m not a collect of camera so to speak. I enjoy using the medium to make images. What I’m saying here is, I wish to further advance that goal and focus more on the images than cameras or even  film.

I want it to be a project of images, the same look for begin to end. Theme I’ll let the year dictate!


Goal of the project

  • 365 images shoot on film
  • Images about day to day life
  • Black & white Images
  • All images self developed
  • One film stock – Ilford FP4+
  • Published on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter
  • Mainly 35mm, mainly one camera
  • First month will be images from 2020 then after 2021

The Film

Choosing the film is my first decision or restriction. I’m thinking one film stock for the year for consistency stake. Nothing new here, something like an old friend.

Like Ilford Pan F or FP4+. These are two film stocks I’ve enjoyed very much. But you may ask why not colour ? There are a couple of reasons really. First black and white is easier to develop without much care to temperature and chemicals being available. Second there’s the possibility of pushing the films ASA.  Finally using a different developer if I find things are getting slightly monotonous.

I’m aware both Pan F and FP 4+ are not exactly fast film. Meaning their respective ASA are below 200 ASA. Wouldn’t something like 400 ASA be better ? Wouldn’t you buy the film in meterware ?

One meter, I guess  is about 24 frames when you take into an account spacing and the frames lost when loading at the beginning of the film.

For myself, meterware is not an option, as I’d need a bulk film loader which I’d need to purchase which costs between 70 to 95 euros. Additionally a reusable film canister cost about 3 to 3.50 euros. I’m just going to use standard 35 mm loaded film. Of course loading your own film has its advantages not just in costs.

I’ll purchase the film in Austria or Germany

Publishing Content

To produce 365 images that a lot of film and time. I hope to scheduled one image per day on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and on this blog too. Also a YouTube video once a week or once a month. This is a tall order.  That’s quite a goal. I need to ask myself is it reasonable ? Would I give up half way through ?

I’ll use HootSuite or Later.com to schedule the posts (up to 30 posts are free!) That should be enough.

Some formatting for consistency stake, the titling will be as such.

#001 Film for a year - Lendplaz, Graz / Ilford FP4+


I do hope I can make this project a reality without too much pressure on myself. As life can get pretty busy sometimes.

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